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In this age of full employment are you at risk of losing “your most valuable asset”?

In Part 1 we talked about the importance of culture and creating an organization that cares:

“the greatest driver of employee engagement worldwide is whether or not people feel their managers and organizations have genuine concern for their well being.”

In Part 2 we explore some structural changes that can support the engagement of employees by tapping into their full potential by bringing them into ‘Flow’.

I would like to revisit the importance of culture by inviting you to read an interview with General Mills’ Donzel A. Leggett – Vice President, Global Manufacturing Excellence that appeared in the February Manufacturing Leadership Journal. Follow the link below and enjoy!

I found his answer to the fourth question …

Q: How does your Zero Loss Culture initiative differ from prior approaches to changing the culture?

… really resonated with my experiences, and it says well what we are striving for with our Radical Profitability program!

Click Here for Part 1 | Click Here for Part 2

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