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Remember from Part 1 that recent Gallup studies reveal that 71 percent of American workers are either not engaged in their jobs – or have become actively disengaged.

In my decades of work with hundreds of companies I truly cannot recall meeting even one person on any team who didn’t want to be successful. What I did meet were hundreds, if not thousands who were disillusioned, pissed off and tuned out, many actively doing damage to the business.

How do people who are fundamentally good, go sour on such a major part of their lives?

The diagram above shows the challenge of complexity of work plotted against the capability of the individual worker. The goal in any organization should be to match the level of challenge with capability and get the people on their team “in flow” where they are happy and successful in their role.

The two other conditions, Abuse and Misuse are what you need to watch out for as a leader or manager. Abuse typically happens in the managerial ranks when an individual is promoted beyond their capability (the Peter Principle). These people are often glad to have gotten the promotion but miserable in the new role, longing for the work from when they were happy. Look at the behaviors of people “in Abuse” – do you recognize the behavior of any of your team members? Abuse will be the topic of a future blog.

Misuse, on the other hand, is most often found in the hourly ranks. Individuals who have far more capability than their role calls for. That capability will find an outlet. If you do not provide that outlet, you will be lucky if the outlet is outside of your business, because otherwise the subsequent ‘game playing’ can be very damaging to your business.

Misuse can be avoided with a structured approach to business improvement that engages every person, at every level of the organization, in improving the business.

People WANT to be successful – it is incumbent on leadership to provide the environment and culture to enable them to be so!

We help businesses do exactly this.

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