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Part 6 of our series on the 7 Common Mistakes Made with Lean or Six Sigma Initiatives. Click the link to see the rest of the list.

Having continuous improvement staff positions is a great idea if your business is large enough to support it. A question that needs to be asked is are these positions for housing subject matter experts, temporary  talent development positions, or a mix of both. Rotating people through such a staff position to give them the time to focus and learn the tools and methods of continuous improvement can be a great boon to the individual’s development and to the organization’s overall capability.

What isn’t a boon is creating a CI clique with special privileges and over inflated titles. Too often we see this type of organization and the result is almost always resentment and a diminishing of the ability to actually integrate CI work into the organization.

Black Belt certification can be a real perk for some. I have known more than a few team members of client companies that were downright giddy about getting their certifications! Learning that their exuberance stemmed from the fact that they saw the certification as the key to their exit strategy from the company, was, well, less than ‘giddy’.

When it comes to integrating continuous improvement into your business, worry less about certifications and titles and more about the specific skills and capabilities needed to effect positive change.

Equip your team with those skills and capabilities and create the environment that enables them to learn and take risks every day and your team members will be giddy about staying and improving their work world and your business!

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