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Let us be perfectly clear about something – the Lean and Six Sigma tool boxes are awesome, must have, tool boxes for every business. If you really want to learn how to DO THINGS RIGHT, learn these tool kits!

DOing THINGS RIGHT and DOing the RIGHT THINGS are not, however, synonymous. One can do all kinds of things right and yet not do the right things. Unfortunately, we have encountered  this paradox in businesses worldwide with their Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.

If you do not focus your improvement initiatives on the leverage points in your business (the RIGHT THINGS) then your initiative risks becoming a major source of WASTE and disenchantment.

The logic tree for why these corporate improvement initiatives go off the rails is straightforward:

  1. The number of leverage points in any business is very small compared to the bountiful number of points were a zealous practitioner might apply the tool kits.
  2. Responsibility for the implementation of the initiatives is abdicated by the leadership team to a support organization.
  3. The support organization does not have the business insights to identify the leverage points in the business, so they identify opportunities that are highly visible, politically inspired, or of personal interest.
  4. The basic systems and processes to sustain the changes are not in place before the initiative and don’t exist after it either.

Digging deeper we find #1 is just a fact of systems, and the rest are a failure of leadership.

Management – Doing Things Right,

Leadership – identifying the Right Things to Do

Identifying the current leverage points in the business and then directing the precision application of the right tools to those leverage points – that is the accountability of LEADERSHIP – not support staff – and not an outside consultant.

If your business is creating waste through the LEAN implementation it is because the leadership team hasn’t learned how to do the work of pinpointing the leverage points of the business.

The team at Radical Profitability will work with you and your leadership team to teach and coach how to align and focus all activities in the business, from the shop floor to the top floor, to drive improvement to the bottom line.

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