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Radical Profitability™ Core System white paper series.

We know that you want to improve your business and to be successful.

We take the waste out of improving your business by focusing on the one investment that impacts your bottom line every single day. Your People.

When your team is successful, your company is successful.

Let us help you turn your system on, tune it up, and energize it.

Together the three white papers in this series outline the common sense fundamentals you’ll need to ensure that your team and your company succeed in today’s environment.

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White Paper #1

The Information System You Already Have But Aren’t Using

  • Use tools, like Lean and Six Sigma, at their full potential.
  • Uncover small problems before they’re big problems.
  • Respond to market changes almost instantly.

“Uncover small problems before they’re big problems.”

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White Paper #2

How to Tune Your Information System For Success

  • Learn the process necessary to maximize the value of the cascaded operating strategy.
  • Understand how to avoid information overload at the top management level.
  • Identify problem-solving opportunities at the interfaces and boundaries between levels.

“To increase effectiveness and speed, problem solving must be done at the right level …”

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White Paper #3

Energizing Your New Information System

  • Learn the basis for engaging every member of your team.
  • Understand the role of the leadership team in creating a culture of success.
  • Identify the six keys to a winning team.

“What does ‘unlocking the full potential of your team’ actually mean in your organization?”

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