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If you don’t know how to answer this question you have a great opportunity!

I met with a business owner this week who with great animation described the following experience:

He had a last minute opportunity to fill in for a team member at one of their retail stands – first time in almost a year! In this location they had two stands, and the manager running the other stand would record the sales reading from the registers at each stand every hour. At first she was taken back from the owner’s readings, and by mid day she reported that his sales were more than double hers! As the afternoon progressed, the grin on her face when she logged the sales grew bigger and bigger. The boss wondered what was she up too… At the final bell, she had edged him out and logged highest sales on the day!

She went home with a smile on her face, and so did the owner!

Imagine if you, as a business owner, would invest the time and energy to design your business so that everybody’s work connected to the business score – the bottom line. That every team member knew how the role they played fit into the bigger picture, and everyone had the ability to keep their own score. Everyone had the ability to do better today than they did yesterday.

What a gift you would be giving them!

Imagine each employee going home with that smile that comes from ‘being successful’.

Imagine too, the brain power you would unleash in your business as your team sought out ways to do things better today than they did yesterday.

You can do this and create an amazing workplace with an amazing workforce. You don’t need a Lean Sensei or a Master Black Belt. You don’t need expensive consultants. You just need you! Now, you might need a mindset adjustment and some enhanced knowledge & skills, but you are enough and very much worth that small investment!

Know that you and your team are successful, everyday!

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