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What We Do

We help leaders build amazing organizations by developing an environment that ensures the success of every member of the team. When your team is successful, your organization is successful.

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Why We’re Here

People’s work life matters … and people’s life’s work matters. Our passion is helping people live fulfilling, meaningful, and beneficial work lives because we believe that people are the key to building enduring and profitable companies and, collectively, a better society.

Great! But how does that apply to U.S. manufacturing?

It applies because the U.S. has one of the highest educated, hardest working populations in the world, and right now they’re not being engaged to work at the height of their abilities.

We help companies to strategically engage their teams so that every team member is directly connected to the bottom line of business. We help build a culture of responsibility and pride.

Cog. Robot. Drone. Employee.

People don’t want to be any of these things.

People want to be an important part of a great team.

When you invest in people and allow them to be an integral part of a great company, the power and capability of the organization as a whole grows exponentially.

Why We’re Needed

The World Has Changed.

Full employment and international competition means U.S. manufacturers need to work smarter.

People Are Increasingly Valuable.

And they know it. Companies who treat them like humans, invest in their success, and manage them well reap huge rewards.

Tools Aren't Enough.

Millions of dollars have been spent on tools without any clear understanding of when and where to use them.

Who We Are

A business improvement consultant, an accountant, and an industrial engineer walk into a room …

Same conclusion, different starting points

Rick comes from the operations side of the business, and Michael comes from the accounting side. Both were frustrated that the other “type” didn’t understand that engaged people are the key to a successful business not “stupid accounting games” or “stupid ops managers.”

Powerful, multi-generational viewpoints

Rick is the old guy. Mark is the young guy. And Michael is the perfect middle ground.

(Michael is also the one who approves all website copy.)

Rick Phelps

With over 35 years of experience as a continuous improvement consultant and business coach, Rick has helped companies of all sizes develop their team and culture, improve operations, and realize radical profitability.

Rick is a certified ActionCoach®.

Michael Jennings

As a CPA and business consultant, Michael has seen from the inside that the most profitable and sustainable companies are those that invest in people as key assets rather than as expenses to be reduced or eliminated.

Michael is a licensed CPA in Ohio and Illinois.

Mark Phelps

Mark’s experience as an industrial engineer has helped the companies he’s worked with to connect the dots between the workforce and the bottom line. As a business coach, Mark helps team members at every level of an organization to contribute at the height of their abilities.


“As a Business Improvement Consultant, Rick brings a unique skillset to the table.  He has a hands on style that illuminates for the manager the need to simplify, align and engage the right people doing the right work.   To quote Rick, ‘the Root of Profitability is People’.

As the Director of Business Improvement for Cleveland Cliffs, Rick refined this skillset and became the key member of a team that greatly improved our overall equipment reliability, put the right folks in the right roles, streamlined production and drove nearly $100 million in costs out of the system. 

Rick is able to  gather, compile, analyze and turn data into actionable information.

I would recommend Rick and his team to any organization that is trying to improve its greatest asset, people and they will in turn improve profitability.

— Terry G. Fedor, II
Executive Vice President – U. S. Iron Ore Operations
Cleveland Cliffs